Darren's Mustang (camp gorilla) from
brooklyn. We install his new engine, AJE
crossmember,and gears.
Mike Felici's Monte Carlo from
oceanside N.Y. We installed new
rear suspension and gears.
Mike's Supercharged Pro Street Monte Carlo.
We rebuilt and installed his new Mouthracing
engine with a new 4000 stall converter.
Wayne "Bone" Barone supercharged sbf
Rossi Brizzi 97 cobra just received its new engine
Dino Rallis's  2002 Camaro. we recently installed long tube headers,custom
exhaust,N X nitrous wet system,373 gears,and center force clutch.
Al Ditingo's 1990 Mustang was dropped off a bone stock car. We installed a J A
Performance engine 6 speed transmission. We set up his rear end with 410 gears and
Moser axles, putting the power to the ground with south side lower arms,Granitelli upper
arms and a set of 275 mt drag radials. This car is by far the cleanest 1990 mustang around.
Kevin Kieran's 1995 SS Impala. We have install corvette GM aluminium
heads, camshaft,Hooker headers,Borla exhaust,and cold air intake
Joe Brienza's 1968 Camaro we just fine tuned it with nitrous on the way
Kevin's 71 Nova we installed a custom 2 1/2 inch dual exhaust
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Bob Tice's  Corvette    New custom dual exhaust
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