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Rob Siegelbaum 331 pro charged Mustang cam in on the dyno with only 417 hp to the
wheels with only a cam change and some minor tuning he left with 517hp and 540ft torque.
With a little more work we assured rob that he should put another 80 hp to the ground.
Mark Sherman's Corvette came in with a bunch of problems,we
changed Injectors,mass air flow meter,and tuned it on the chassis dyno.
Joe's 1978 Corvette came in for some fine tuning
also we installed a MSD distributer and coil.
Chris's 1967 Lemans just had a 455 engine ,t400
transmission, 390 gears, and mufflers installed.
John's Corvette from Carle Place had a big shot nitrous system installed and some fine
tuning done. With a Mouth Racing nitrous tune up he was very pleased with the results.
Jeff's Mustang from Babylon just received Moser axels, Eaton carrier,and Motorsport gears
Roy and Liz's 1988 Corvette from Carle place just had a TPIS mini
ram intake,camshaft,lifters,springs, rocker arms,and fuel pump.
Mike's 1975 Corvette just received a set of hooker competition headers.
Nick's 2003 Mustang Cobra has a down cylinder and we needed to take it apart to diagnose the problem.
Number 7 cylinder piston was melted and all the pistons were replaced by J E pistons  
Vinnie From Carle Place 2003 ZO6 Supercharged Corvette
needs a new transmission and clutch assembly
Sam from Long Beach IROC Camaro just had 373 gears installed along with some gauges.
Corrim's drag radial mustang was just updated with battle boxes and suspension tune up.
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Ellis from Bellmore ford coupe was fine tuned for some more power.
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