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Outlaws At Atco we put up our best numbers yet
Myself and Craig Proce had some issues at the shake down at etown
neither of us qualified but still had a good time at a great race.
Holcrumb civil war 1/8 mile race we qulified 4th with a 5.57
@126mph and our gremlin came back for first round.  
Rob "jr" Meadows's Mustang with a mild Mouth Racing nitrous tune up the car got away from us,
our competition thought we turned it up but the truth was we just tune better then others
Joe Fontana's amx pump gas bbc with a mouth racing nitrous tune up.
Manny Valente's Malibu on it's madden
nitrous pass with a mild mouth racing
tune up. Manny cant wait untill the
2007 season so we can really hit it...
Derricks "no time " nissan pick up with
a mild mouth racing tune up
Al Ditingo's mustang launching at Atco
raceway. This daily driver was posting
some fast mph.
Tony Costa's z28 lifts the front wheels
with his drag radial 6 speed camaro
Manny's malibu at pinks all out 5-12-07
John's Firebird at pinks all out 5-12-07  
consistant  low 11s with low 1.5s 60 foot.
Al's Mustang at pinks all out 5-12-07
John's Monte Carlo at pinks all out 5-12-07
Manny at the no time nationals 9-16-07
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