Track Pictures
Craig at Numidia 1/8 mile shoot out. Qualified with a 6.18 . He
went out first round ,but we sorted alot out that day.
Anthony at Numidia. He didn't qualify to good with a
6.99,and also went out first round.
Myself at udr at cecil county, Craig couldn't make this
race so he let me take the wheel. we qualified 15th with
a 5.86@133.  My day ended in the third round.
Anthony at udr cecil county. He qualified 8th with an 5.51@ 128. He
lost in the second round when he wheelie'd it to high and had to lift.
Myself at outlaws at Atco in Craigs nova. We qualified
9th with a 8.58@ 167. I lost in the finals when i turned
the tree red. We also went our best times 8.24 @ 171
Anthony at outlaws at Atco. He qualified 10th
with an 8.60@ 164. He went out first round with
his best numbers as the driver. 8.47@165
Anthony at the shakedown didn't make the field due to a electrical bug.
I had some qualifying issues we made the field 14th qualifier. We did run
our fastest et and mph 8.12 @ 173 mph but we went out first round
Jeffs 347 pump gas mustang with a Mouth Racing nitrous
tune up ran some good numbers and a 1.30 60 foot
Matt Dietch's 6 second pro mod cavalier we often help him out staging his car
Scott's Mustang ran as good as expected we had a good first day out with  our mild
testing Mouth Racing tune up and Scott is looking forward to 08 to really turn this up.
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